"Inspirational – this lady sets up body and mind to face the day. A constructive and enriching class with good clear instruction and a carefully prepared psycho/spiritual dimension. A real treat as well as a deep workout." Niki, 50, Theatrical Agent



5.15pm Hatha @ Blackheath Yoga - Blackheath

6.30pm Vinyasa @ Blackheath Yoga - Blackheath


6.30am Hot Vinyasa @ Third Space, Tower Bridge

7.30am Hot Hatha @ Third Space, Tower Bridge

8.30am Hot Yin @ Third Space, Tower Bridge

6.30pm Dynamic Vinyasa @ Blackheath Yoga  - Blackheath



9.45am Vinyasa @ Yoga House - Catford

12pm Vinyasa @ Fison Fitness - Herne Hill

6pm Vinyasa @ Forum at Greenwich - Greenwich


10.30am Hatha @ Oru Space - Dulwich

12pm Vinyasa @ The Lodge Space - Surrey Quays


8.45am Energising Vinyasa @ Oru Space - Dulwich

10.30am Dynamic Vinyasa @  Oru Space - Dulwich