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Yoga Classes

"I tried yoga several years ago but just didn't gel with it and gave up as quickly as I had begun. Trying again with Sammy’s classes, I now always look forward to my weekly yoga classes and this is as much from a mental wellbeing perspective as a physical one. Sammy has the rare ability to make everyone feel at ease.  We are a mixed class in age and ability yet her teaching is adaptive to all levels and is relaxed so that no one feels inadequate. You always come away feeling both mentally lighter and physically better."  Max, 38, Finance Director

My Approach To Yoga

My yoga classes are suitable for anyone that has a desire for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Whether you are a yoga Jedi or a yoga virgin, my classes are guaranteed to leave you feeling better than when you arrived. Using creative sequencing; I teach invigorating classes, rooted in a strong breath and set to carefully compiled playlists. Expect a strong flowing practice that works to both ground and balance. Whilst working to create a non-judgmental and inclusive setting for every practice, I like to maintain a sense of humour and playfulness so that we can all have a good time. I like to do most things with a smile and yoga is no different.


Yoga is not just a physical practice. To help bridge the gap between your physical asana practice and life beyond the yoga mat, I work with a new theme each week: self-development with a hint of spirituality, gratitude, acceptance and surrender amongst others. I aim to empower people with the tools and knowledge that allow them to shine. Falling, wobbling, and smiling are all heavily encouraged, along with saying hello to your neighbour on the mat.

Yoga is about flexibility, although more a flexibility of the mind rather than explicitly the body. I often hear the words: “I’m not flexible enough to take a yoga class”. Well, did you ever hear anyone say “I’m not dirty enough to take a shower”? I highly doubt it. I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, but that not every posture is for everyone, not every class, not every teacher or style, and therefore the practice requires a continuous curiosity into what works for each individual. Yoga is a personal practice and I encourage a continual discovery process, so that students can be aware of their ever-changing needs.

Whether you are looking to heal, to have fun, to experience, to strengthen, to develop, to deepen, to get fit, to bond or to socialize - my classes are the perfect place to start. Take a deep breath, show up for yourself and choose the path that excites your spirit the most.

Photograph by Luke Ayling Photography


I like to take my students on a journey through every yoga practice and music plays a big part in that for me. I love creating playlists to help set the tone of the class, you can expect smooth soothing music to help you to sink into a deeper state of relaxation paired with upbeat, energising music to support the peak of the practice.

If you particularly like one of my playlists for class or are simply looking for some music to support your personal practice then all my playlists can be found on Spotify.

Check out my favourite playlist of the moment 'Spiritual Beats' which I've added here for easy listening.

What People Say

Katie Martin, 39, Consultant

"Sammy is one of the best yoga teachers I've come across in my 15 years of practice. She's incredibly thoughtful about every class and prepares thoroughly, which means no two sessions are the same. But one thing they all have in common is that they're the perfect balance between the physical and mental elements of yoga, and are both challenging and relaxing in equal measure."

Lisa Hilgert, 27, Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Sammy is so much fun. Her flows and energy are great. Sammys fabulous humour keeps you motivated throughout the entire practice. I really enjoyed each and every class. Thank you.

Emily, 31, Architect

"When I started paracicing yoga with Sammy I was recovering from a bad back injury. Two years on I have progressed so much.  Sammy has helped me become more in tune with my body and at ease with my limitations. Her classes are vibrant, challenging and deeply spiritual.  I've had many yoga teachers but none that match Sammys passion and care." 

'Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.' Jason Crandell

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