On Demand

In order to make practicing with me more accesible for you, I have a range of on-demand classes that you can purchase and practice at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Classes can be purchased individually and are availavle for 48 hours or if you purhcase a class series all videos are available for 30 days.

The Vayus Series.png

A series of vinyasa classes that focus on the prana vayus, the inner winds existing within the pranamaya kosha that govern both physiological and energetical functions.

Prana Vayu.png
Apana Vayu.png
Samana Vayu.png
Vyana Vayu.png
Udana Vayu.png
Vinyasa Flow.png

A collection of invigorating and intelligently sequenced flow classes, designed to challenge you physically through asana and breathwork whilst aiming to expand thought, conciousness and energetical restrictions. All delivered with a strong sense of love and playfulness. Expect to smile, feel nourished and hopefully learn a little more about yourself in the process.

Yin Yoga Series.png

Slower paced classes working with just a few select floor poses held for a longer time. A nourishing physical practice with a strong meditative aspect to help reset, rebalance and restore.

Yin stillness.png
Chair Yoga.png