Online Yoga Classes

Morning Glory

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 9am


Every weekday morning my good friend Darren Hunter and I will be hosting Morning glory, an online space for free guided meditations and chats based around our weekly theme. This is a safe space open for ALL to connect and share as a community.

Like most things in the world at the moment, these sessions will take place on Zoom. Please  make sure you have downloaded Zoom on your mobile, tablet or computer beforehand, registered for the free account and then use the following meeting ID to join.

Meeting ID: 380-521-116

I hope to see you there. Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Live Online Yoga Classes

To book in for the class, please click Book below and you will be taken to the booking and payment page. I will then send you an e-mail one hour before, with the link for the class. Please register for a FREE account on Zoom and download it to whatever device you will be joining the class on i.e. phone, laptop, tablet etc.


Classes have 3 different pricing options. 


If you find yourself in a current state of financial difficulty and cannot afford these prices, please do get in touch and we can discuss alternative payment options. 

Reduced Fee £5 - Live Streamed Class

If things are a little bit tight right now, if your income has been reduced, if you are self-employed and work has dried up or if you are a yoga teacher, then this reduced rate was put in place to support you.


Standard £7 - Live Streamed Class

This is the standard price for the class


Feeling Generous £10 - Live Streamed Class

If you happen to be feeling generous, you are still working, haven't experienced any loss of income and would like to pay a little more for the class, your extra support is of course be appreciated.

Free classes for all NHS workers.

Tuesdays 10am (GMT) - 60 minute vinyasa practice, open for all levels

Thursdays 10am (GMT) - 60 minute vinyasa practice, open for all levels

Fridays 6pm (GMT) - 60 minute vinyasa practice, open for all levels

Fridays 7.15pm (GMT) - 60 minute YIN practice, open for all levels

Saturdays 10am (GMT) - 75 minute vinyasa practice, open for all levels

Anytime Online Yoga Classes

To purchase please click the Buy Class button below and you will be redirected to the booking and payment page. 

Once you have booked and paid I will send you an e-mail with further details on how to view the class. 

Classes are priced at £8 per class, apart from the chair yoga class which is £2 and all proceeds are donated to charity. 

I ask that you work with an honesty policy and only stream the class a maximum of twice, there is a certain amount of times it can be viewed on Zoom and if you watch it more, that means someone else who has paid, won't be able to see it.

Please ignore the date and time on the booking page, class can be practiced at whatever date and time is convenient for you.

Mindfulness through Yin

65min Yin

This yin practice has a strong physical focus on the hips, whilst the main theme of the practice is working through the different planes of mindfulness in an attempt to find a serene sense of awakeness. 

Let's get grounded

60min Vinyasa

This all levels vinyasa practice looks to get you out of your head and firmly rooted in your body, encouraging a sense of being present rather than time travelling here and there, physically we're focusing on twists and balancing.

An Attitude of Gratitude

60min Vinyasa

This practice is centered around cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude, something that has the ability to drasticly reshape our lives for the better. We'll flow mindfully whilst working to get deep into the hips.

Chair Yoga

50 minute class

A gentle 50 minute chair yoga practice for those with health or mobility barriers. This class focuses on stretching, strengthening and mobilising the body, whilst working with a steady breath. 

This class is just £2 and all proceeds (minus the small percentage booking system fee) from this class will go directly to Lewisham Community Transport Scheme, a registered charity that is invested in supporting the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in the borough of Lewisham with access to local, affordable and safe transport services.

In response to COVID-19 the charity are providing shopping and home delivery services as well as making their buses and volunteers available to organisations and charities free of charge.


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