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On Demand

 Online Yoga Classes

Anytime Online Yoga Classes

These are on-demand pre-recorded classes, meaning you can practice them anytime and anywhere you want.


You have the option to rent the video for a 24 hour streaming period for £5 or purchase the video for a lifetime of streaming with unlimited views for just £8.50.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Everything Changes

60min Vinyasa

This 60 minute vinyasa practice starts with some pranayama before slowly building into back-body strengthening and heart opening, perfect if you spend your days say at a desk. We also explore the theme of impermanence and the changing nature of everything around us.

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A Shift in Perspective

60min Vinyasa

This fun vinyasa practice works on the flexibility of the mind just as much as the body. Expect balancing, heart-opening and fluidity in the physical and contemplative practice for the mind as we delve into our mental habits and patterns.

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Mindfulness through Yin

65min Yin

This yin practice has a strong physical focus on the hips, whilst the main theme of the practice is working through the different planes of mindfulness in an attempt to find a serene sense of awakeness. 

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Let's get grounded

60min Vinyasa

This all levels vinyasa practice looks to get you out of your head and firmly rooted in your body, encouraging a sense of being present rather than time travelling here and there, physically we're focusing on twists and balancing.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

60min Vinyasa

This practice is centered around cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude, something that has the ability to drasticly reshape our lives for the better. We'll flow mindfully whilst working to get deep into the hips.


Chair Yoga

50 minute class

A gentle 50 minute chair yoga practice for those with health or mobility barriers. This class focuses on stretching, strengthening and mobilising the body, whilst working with a steady breath. 

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