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The Art of Teaching,
Mentoring Programme


I believe that teaching Yoga is an art, and whilst there are tools, techniques and practices you can use to do it, essentially how you piece it together to facilitate an experience and communicate the essence of the practice is unique. In my opinion, the consideration of this is what differentiates a mediocre yoga teacher and a great yoga teacher.

About the 

This mentoring programme will not teach you how to grow your Instagram followers, I will not teach you how to take great yoga photos or support you with branding and website design. There are plenty of people out there skilled in those things that can help you, I can direct you to some of them, but it is not me. The Art of Teaching mentoring programme is for helping you really solidify what it is you’re teaching, why you’re teaching it and how to best do that, so you can ensure that you are both honouring the practice of yoga, whilst teaching in a way that feels authentic and true to you, and most importantly providing your students with the best possible experience. 

The majority of professions out there provide you with a network of colleagues, managers, directors and organisational structures but as yoga teachers, once we’ve finished our 200 hour yoga teacher training, often we’re on our own, with no access to consistent feedback, no performance assessments, no quarterly appraisals and no ongoing support. This can make it challenging to really know what areas of your work need more development and attention and make growth a slower than need be process.

This mentoring programme is designed to support you navigating the path of teaching and is structured around three pivotal pillars, supporting yourself (self-nurturance), supporting your teaching (pedagogical refinement) and supporting your business (career advancement). The progression of each month will primarily be shaped by your specific needs in each of these three categories, however we will also work with a different focus each month to provide a broad and comprehensive growth experience.


The programme will require a time commitment of around 75 hours over the course of 12 weeks. Whilst this might seem like a considerable investment, I genuinely believe each hour included is a necessary and valuable part of your teaching development. Some of the hours included may already be a part of your current schedule, such as home practice.

About me


I’m Sammy, I’m a Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 yoga teacher, a mentor, retreat leader and yoga teacher trainer. I’ve been teaching yoga for 9 years and I have been teaching teachers on foundational and advanced teacher trainings for 5 years. I have studied with many different teachers all over the world and have over 2000 hours of yoga training. I have a strong sense of myself, my values and my teaching style and I have no qualms in saying that I am a GREAT yoga teacher and a fantastic facilitator. I am super passionate about supporting others to be the best teachers they can be and to find confidence and competency in that. I am comfortable in creating a safe and supportive space that is conducive for growth and I believe there is enough space for us ALL to shine.

Who is this mentoring programme for?

  • You’re fresh out of your YTT or maybe you’ve got a solid few years under your belt

  • You have a desire to progress your level of teaching and facilitating

  • You want some sort of level of accountability

  • You miss the tasks and structure of a YTT

  • You have questions around teaching and the business of yoga but no one to ask

  • You’re feeling like you’ve lost direction

  • You doubt your knowledge and abilities 

  • You want to brush up on your skills 

  • You want to take your yoga teaching to the next level

  • You want to learn more intelligent ways of sequencing

  • You want direct feedback on your classes

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to turn

What I offer

Detailed feedback on 3 recorded classes

6 Meet-ups via zoom

Free access to my online library for the duration of the mentorship

Tasks & assignments to further your understanding of yoga philosophy and teaching pedagogy

Feedback and support on set assignments

Continued investment in you as a teacher


The Investment

Your investment is a commitment to your development as a teacher. It will require a financial investment, but also an investment of time, energy and effort. If you are ready to embark on the next step of your teaching journey, then I am ready to support you. 


Pay off the programme in full


3 x  Individual Payments

If you're not ready to embark on the full programme but would like to book in for individual mentoring sessions tailored to your specifice preferences prices are as follows

- 60 minute £100

- 90 minutes £125

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