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Practice with me

On-demand videos

You will find a library of pre-recorded, on-demand classes, meaning you can practice with me anytime and anywhere you want at the simple click of a button.


You can try any class with a 24 hour free trial access or sign up for a month of unlimited videos for just £15

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Hello you wonderful human.

I'm super passionate about offering yoga to all and my classes aim to empower and educate whilst still being fun and playful.

A strong focus is placed on cultivating a space that enables you to flow through your asana (movement) practice with a detailed emphasis on the breath and its synchronicity with the body, all the while building an awareness of what’s coming up on the inside.

I look to offer classes that are delivered with a sense of kindness and compassion, a space to explore philosophy and an opportunity to practice to feel nourished and find a deep sense of acceptance.

Falling, shining, wobbling, smiling, balancing and sighing are all heavily encouraged.

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What's included

- New content every month

- 30 - 75 minute practices

- Vinyasa Yoga

- Yin Yoga

- Hatha Yoga

- Chair Yoga 

Try them out for free for 24 hours

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