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Yoga and Safari Retreat

Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa
12th - 19th April 2025

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Join me for a once in a lifetime yoga and safari experience in the world-renowned Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. A unique opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits of a yoga retreat whilst also getting to experience a bucket list safari adventure with new friends, where all the arrangements are taken care of over a magical eight days.


This is not a yoga retreat for those looking to spend all day lounging by the pool and doing a whole heap of nothing, (don’t worry, I offer alternate retreats that can facilitate that, if it’s your jam). This, however is a retreat for those looking for a taste of adventure, it’s for animal lovers, culture enthusiasts and of course, let’s not forget yoga aficionados. This retreat will include daily yoga classes, three delicious meals a day, exhilarating daily game drives, two exciting excursions and evening meditation sessions under the stars. Embrace the adventure, connect with nature, and immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the spectacular South Africa.

Our Home

This epic yoga and safari retreat will take place at Baluleni Safari Lodge, a hidden paradise located on the shores of the Olifants River inside Greater Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s biggest and most diverse wildlife reserves. 


Baluleni Lodge is a safari paradise that combines luxury with authenticity, offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience Kruger National Park and its wildlife up close. Situated directly on an elephant path, Baluleni is an unfenced lodge surrounded by nature, allowing animals to roam freely. This conscious decision to remain unfenced preserves the natural habitat and gives guests the unique chance to share memorable moments, like an elephant wandering through the grounds and joining you for tea. 


The lodge offers a range of room options, each providing the highest level of comfort and service, created with attention to detail and a deep connection to nature. In keeping with the retreat lifestyle, there is also a swimming pool where you can cool off during the afternoons and catch some rays lounging on the deckchairs.

One of the reasons I chose this venue is their commitment to sustainability. Baluleni Lodge implements a variety of initiatives to minimize its environmental footprint and protect the natural beauty of the area. During your stay, you can learn first-hand from the owners about their dedication to conservation, education, social responsibility, and environmental friendliness.


The Safari

One of the reasons Kruger National Park is so renowned for safari is that it is home to the iconic big five, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo as well as a whole host of other incredible inhabitants including over 500 bird species, 147 mammal species, 114 reptile species, and numerous plant species, offering a diverse and vibrant ecosystem. Of course, nature is uncontrolled and there is no absolute guarantee we will see all of the desired animals during our stay. However, with a dedicated team of experienced rangers, several prides of lions on the reserve, an elephant path and multiple game drives throughout the week, we’ve got a good as chance as any.

Should at any point you wish to skip any of the game drives in order to stay at the lodge and rest, you are more than welcome to do that, it is your retreat after all.

The Plan

Most mornings will start early with our first game drive of the day led by our in-house private rangers (and no I’m not a morning person either but I will happily get up at 6am if it means spotting a pride of lions heading out to start their day). 

After returning from our morning game drive, we'll enjoy a delicious breakfast. Once we've had time to digest, we'll indulge in a nourishing yoga practice, allowing us to connect not only with nature but ourselves.

After yoga you’ll have free time to dip in the pool and indulge in other standard retreat activities such as slowing down, reading, having conversations, until we all sit down together for lunch.

On multiple afternoons we will have second game drive in the late afternoon, providing another opportunity to witness the marvels of the animal kingdom before returning home for a three-course dinner under the stars.

Evenings will be a combination or early nights, sitting round the fire chatting multiple evenings with a meditation practice after dinner, setting you up for a peaceful night of rest

Midway through the retreat, we'll have a leisurely day without the usual game drives. Enjoy a lie-in (if your body clock allows), followed by a late brunch, two relaxing yoga sessions throughout the day, and a traditional braai, South Africa’s answer to a barbeque.

Additionally, two extra excursions are included, a river boat safari and a half-day local village visit offering even more opportunities to explore and enjoy the surroundings.

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Excursion 1 - The boat safari begins with a scenic two-hour game drive to the boat dock. During the three-hour boat trip, you'll have the opportunity to discover a diverse range of wildlife such as crocodiles basking on the riverbanks and hippos splashing in the water.

Excursion 2 - The half-day village tour in Phalaborwa offers a unique opportunity to experience South Africa's cultural heritage up close. Our visit will focus on Sangomas, traditional African healers, and dancers, providing profound insights into local culture and spirituality. Guided by an experienced tour guide, we'll learn about the Sangomas ritual practices, healing methods, and their vital role in community healthcare and spiritual beliefs. Additionally, the tour includes an exploration of the village, a chance to get to know the community's everyday life. Learn about the locals' traditions, customs, and craftsmanship, and participate in interactive activities to deepen your connection with the culture. 


 Each day we will have an energising yoga asana practice in the morning on our serene garden deck, fully immersed in nature.  on some days there will also be evening meditation sessions. Some evenings, there will also be tranquil meditation sessions, perfect for unwinding and deepening your connection with the natural world.

Each day we will work with a different philosophical and physical focus, looking to explore the spectrum of what yoga has to offer. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions and explore different elements of the practice that you’re interested in.

Just like headstands, classes are not mandatory, you are welcome to opt out of anything you like in designing the most beneficial experience for yourself.

The Food


Throughout the week, your taste buds will be pampered by talented in-house chefs Nomsa and Tumelo taking care of your needs, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expect fresh ingredients, hearty dishes and delicious flavours.


Pre-safari snacks (yes you can get your morning coffee) and a wholesome breakfast will provide everything needed to start the day invigorated.


A light lunch perfectly timed to replenish your energy reserves and delight your taste buds and the grand finale of an exquisite three-course meal prepared with the natural flavours of the region. 


Room Types


There are four different types of accommodation that you can choose from, all of which are stylish and authenticly African living spaces, offering choice for different budgets and sharing or private options.

Garden Cottage

Our Garden Cottages offer restful nights on a comfortable queen size bed with mosquito net and an en-suite bathroom. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy amenities like your private deck with beautiful views of the surrounding wilderness. The room also features air conditioning, a lounge area with a couch, dressing table with mirror and hair dryer, a fridge and tea and coffee making facilities

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Riverside Suite 

Our newly renovated exclusive riverside suites offer you privacy, elegance and comfort in the middle of the wilderness. Enjoy a double bed with a mosquito net and an en-suite bathroom as well as an extra outdoor shower if you really want to be one with nature. With a private terrace ideal for enjoying and watching the passing animals on the riverbed and drinking at our waterhole your room also comes equipped with air conditioning, a lounge area with a couch and a dressing table with mirror and hair dryer.

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Luxury Tent

The luxury Tent is ideal for those who wish for an authentic African Experience. Split into two rooms with 2 single beds in each and sharing an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The rooms also feature ceiling fans, a dressing table with mirror and hair dryer, a fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. Enjoy views from your terrace overlooking an open grass plain where many antelope species come to graze.


Luxury Bushveld Chalet

This unique luxury option is a hybrid combination of chalet and tent, offering stunning bushveld views through full length glass windows and sliding doors. Escape to relaxation with your own hot tub on the patio, a freestanding bath inside, and an extra outdoor shower. Inside, you'll find three single beds a dressing room, minibar, air conditioning, and many more amenities. With its tent-style roof and ample windows, this chalet offers an immersive nature experience. Great for sharing individuals or friends keen for some luxury.


Common Questions...

Do I need to have a certain amount of yoga experience?

No not at all. Yoga is for everyone and the way that I teach is all about the experience of yoga not about how much of a pretzel you can get into or if you know what ekapadakoundinyasana is.


Can I come on my own?

Absolutely! The great thing about a retreat is that you’re guaranteed to meet people, it’s the perfect balance of having time for yourself and getting to connect with likeminded people. There are multiple room options available if you want to share but are planning to come solo.


Is it just for women?

Not in the slightest. Whilst I regularly have more women on my retreats, they are open for all genders.


What’s Included?


  • 7 nights of luxury bush accommodation

  • 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day

  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • 8 Safari game drives

  • Half day boat safari

  • Cultural village trip

  • All the laughter, connection and smiles that you can handle


What’s not included?


  • Flights to South Africa

  • Transfer to the resort


Supported by the team at Baluleni, I will personally take care of your travel plans, all you need to do is book your flights to Johannesburg and I will arrange the rest.


Spaces on this retreat are limited and it will be a considerably smaller group that many of my previous retreats. So, if you are interested, I encourage you to book on as early as possible.


Early Bird Prices

(Early bird discount is available until 31st July)

Garden Cottage - SOLD OUT

Shared - £1495 per person

Private - £1850 per person


Riverside Suite 

Shared - £1595 per person

Private - £2000 per person


Luxury Tent

Quadruple - £1575 per person


Bushveld Chalet 

Triple - £1695 per person

Standard Prices

(For all bookings made from 1st August)

Garden Cottage - SOLD OUT

Shared - £1595 per person

Private - £1950 per person


Riverside Suite 

Shared - £1695 per person

Private - £2100 per person


Luxury Tent

Quadruple - £1675 per person


Bushveld Chalet 

Triple - £1795 per person

Prices are listed per person. A £350 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. Payment plans are available. Lets chat about it.


For all bookings and enquiries, please contact me directly at

Come join me on the trip of a lifetime, you know you want to...

Send me an e-mail to book your spot before it's too late.

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