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Italy Retreat

8th - 14th June 2025

Come with me to Sicily in June for a week of sun, delicious food, excuisite olive oil, new friends and top notch yoga.

You’ll be treated to beautiful accommodation and nourished with excuisite Italian food. Alongside daily yoga classes to nourish you and help deepen your practice, there will also be opportunities for treatments, excursions and activities. 

Hotel tenuta Chiaramonte fotografo Gianfranco Guccione Airworks (5).jpg
Hotel tenuta Chiaramonte fotografo Gianfranco Guccione Airworks (6).jpg
Our Home​

Our home for the week is a charming country hotel, an oasis of serenity nestled in the beauty of the Sicilian countryside. Located amidst gentle hills and lush olive groves, the venue provides the perfect setting for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with multiple spaces to relax and enjoy a nap, soak up the nature and the sun, hang out with new friends or take some time on your own with a good book, it’s the ideal spot for a spot of R&R. In the evening it's the perfect location for star-gazing due to the reduced light in the countryside. The venue also has a gym, which is free to use and a spa which you can book the use of if you really want to treat yourself.

Our home for the week is also the home to 12,000 olive trees, where organic extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality is produced, which excel in quality and organoleptic characteristics, also recognised and awarded in prestigious international competitions.

The area enjoys a vast sense of calm and tranquillity thanks to its location between the countryside and the sea. Each of the rooms are bright and spacious and individually styled, paying special attention to colour, harmony and balance with the environment. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms as well as air conditioning, wifi, complimentary toiletries, a coffee machine and bath and pool towels. There is also a daily housekeeping service for that added sense of luxury.

The Food

One of the main reasons I wanted to host a retreat in Italy was because of how much I love Italian food, so finding a venue that could really deliver on the culinary side was one of my biggest deciding factors in choosing somewhere. 


Each day there will be a breakfast buffet, a light lunch and a three-course dinner in the evening with wine.


Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is created by the skilful hands of our in-house chef, where nothing is left to chance and every flavour, every texture, every combination can be traced back to Italian culinary tradition, revisited in a modern key.


The menu for the week is not only designed based on taste, but also with consideration for mother nature. All the ingredients are either strictly locally sourced, such as organic products from the estate, or limited to the beautiful region. The sun, earth and air of beloved Sicily bringing the highest quality and taste to the table. Great importance is also attached to the freshness of raw materials, with the menu following the changing seasons. 

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The Yoga


There will be two daily yoga classes. The morning practice will be a dynamic and energising vinyasa practice followed by a soothing yin a mindfulness practice in the evenings, which will also include journaling, visualisation activities and group discussions. 


Each day we will work with a different philosophical theme, in both the morning and evening practice, so you can really immerse yourself into the focus for the day. 

Morning sessions will take place outside, immersing ourselves in nature under the rising sun and evening practices will take place inside under covered decking.

The Plan

The retreat will begin on Sunday evening as we come together for an opening ceremony and yoga practice before indulging in a welcome dinner.

Each day from then, you will be treated to two yoga practices, one in the morning to get your juices flowing before breakfast and one in the late afternoon to balance things out before dinner.

Between that, the time is largely yours to enjoy either side of our mouthwatering lunch, so you can relax around the swimming pool, go on a walk around the countryside, take a trip to the beach or treat yourself to one of the many treatments on offer.  

On one afternoon, we’ll also have an olive oil experience, starting with a tour through some of the olive groves and an opportunity to learn all the details from harvesting to pressing. We will then take a tour inside the oil mill to gain a glimpse into the oil production process. Finally there will be a tasting session of the various types of olive oils. 

Another day mid-week we'll skip lunch so that you have a full day to go out and explore the amazing culture of neighbouring towns, further beaches and the local Baroque culture.

Everything else is up to you.

Common Questions Answered
Do I need a certain amount of yoga experience?

No not at all. Yoga is for everyone and the way that I teach is all about the experience of yoga not about how much of a pretzel you can get into or whether or not you know what ekapadakoundinyasana is.


Can I come on my own?

Absolutely! The great thing about a retreat is that you’re guaranteed to meet people, it’s the perfect balance of having time for yourself and getting to connect with likeminded people.

Is it just for women?

Not in the slightest. Whilst I regularly have more women on my retreats, these retreats are open for everyone.

If you have any other questions, queries, concerns or simply want to discuss anything that’s involved send me a message and I’d be more than happy to chat!



- A seven day yoga experience

- Six nights’ accommodation

- Two daily yoga classes

- Three meals a day (excluding 1 days lunch)

- Olive oil workshop and tasting

- Use of the gym

- Towels and complemantary toiletries

- New friends, great conversation and lots of laughter

Not Included

- Flights

- Airport transfer

- Optional massages and excursions

Booking and Prices

All prices are essentially per person, rather than per room, which means regardless of whether you want a private room all to yourself or you want to share with a loved one, the price remains the same.


(For all bookings made before 1st July)

Room without balcony and a view: £995 per person

Room with balcony and a view: £1095 per person


(Once early bird has sold out)

Room without balcony and a view: £1095 per person

Room with balcony and a view: £1195 per person

Prices are listed per person. A £350 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. Payment plans are available. Lets chat about it.


For all bookings and enquiries, please contact me directly at

‘I started doing yoga as a teenager in the 1970s and have practised yoga on and off since that age.  I cannot count the number of different yoga teachers I have met.  I can say with certainty that Sammy Furnival is the most outstanding, the most patient, the most humorous and the most inspiring teacher.  I have just been on a weekend yoga retreat with Sammy and it has done me more good than two weeks on the beach'  


- Sasha, UK retreat, 2023

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